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    We at CLCR Australia and Nepal always welcome individuals, students and travel groups who wish to volunteer with us within our Nepali projects.

    We can also take families!

    Particularly within our Heartland Academy (HA) School project in Kathmandu. We have on site volunteer accommodation at Heartland, which can comfortably take a family of four. As Heartland is a school that ranges from nursery to year 10 students, you can come with your children and experience a completely different way of life - and immerse yourselves in the culture entirely! Your children can attend the school whilst you volunteer, or you can volunteer with your children - we are flexible, just contact us to discuss your volunteering requirements.

    We have a formal community partnership (CP) relationship with Future Sense, UK which helps facilitate short and long term volunteer placements with us in Nepal for people coming from outside Australia. No matter what your profession or passion we can provide volunteering opportunities for you within our project activities.

    So if you are interested in volunteering with us, whether you be an individual, family, school or tourist group, then please contact us to organise your tour. For a detailed outline on requirements and recommendations for volunteering at our Nepali school, Heartland, please download our Volunteer Guidelines. If you have decided that volunteering is for you, please download our CLCR Volunteer Information Form (or as . .doc file that you can email back to us). Please take your time to read through and complete both of these as they will support us in tailoring your volunteer experience in Nepal.

    We also have extensive contacts in Australia and Nepal through our CP network within the travel, accommodation and tourism industry in which we can help you plan your trip with us.

    Here are just a few pictures of some of the volunteers we have had visit and work with us at Heartland. Please also read the testimonials below of a few of our volunteers.

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    Testimonials from our Volunteers

    Bill Dodd and George Drewitt, Australia, January 2014

    Late last year we received a tip off from friend and star New South Wales batsman, Ryan Carters, who was organising a fundraiser for a school and suggested we might visit to see if we could lend a hand.

    The Heartland School is a very impressive organisation with strong roots in the local community of Bafal, Kathmandu, where it is situated. We found ourselves here, fresh off the aeroplane from Australia, and were immediately made to feel very welcome. Heartland provides an invaluable not-for-profit education to Kathmandu’s less privileged and, unlike many schools in Nepal, operates with a philosophy teaching without violence. We were very impressed with the quality of education at Heartland and the friendly atmosphere amongst students and teachers.

    At every spare moment the students were eager to demonstrate their considerable cricketing prowess, with matches almost constantly underway in the basketball court sized wicket. Despite some dubious bowling actions and the limited space, these fiercely contested matches were conducted with admirable sportsmanship and professionalism.

    Off the field, our visit coincided with the examination period at Heartland which allowed us to witness the considerable academic achievements of the students over the course of their previous semester. The construction of brand new classrooms for the planned college expansion that aims to provide access for the Heartland students to quality tertiary education looked extremely promising, and we could not be happier that the money from Ryan Carters’ collaboration with the LBW trust was going towards such a worthy project. All in all, this was a wonderful experience for us both and we wish all the very best for all the excellent staff and students into the future. We hope to visit again soon!

    Heartland Volunteer and teacher at Currambena School, Sydney, Australia: Wendy Petit

    Coming to the end of an extraordinary three weeks here at Heartlands Children's Academy, it's time for some reflection and review.

    Just experiencing the daily life of the school first hand has been amazing. From morning assembly to the games of sport after classes finish for the day, the students are enthusiastic and hardworking and the value of education in this culture is obvious. Since I've been here, plans for a new teaching team for Class 1 have been discussed, work has begun on a new fence around the Nursery children's play area, the computer room has been moved and inverters put in so that electricity is constant in that room, and plans have been continued for extending the school into the equivalent of Years 11 and 12, an important advantage for students. Renovation plans for the toilet block are also now in place.

    I have been welcomed into classrooms and invited to give feedback to teachers. I have helped choose resources for classes, assisted Pat in meetings with team teaching groups and worked with Chris developing and delivering teacher training after school.

    Principal Karan Goyala, works unbelievably hard, addressing the needs of the students and supervising the boarders and sponsored children in the hostel where he also lives with his family. Some of the students come from extremely difficult family situations and are sponsored by donors or aid organisations who know they will be well cared for here. The school also has a strong policy of supporting girls' education, which is generally not valued by society in here.

    With many thanks to Chris and Pat, Karan and his wife, Gita, I have had an extraordinary experience here. I've managed some sightseeing in this beautiful country as well. Kathmandu is like no other city I have seen, full of life and also history, and the mountains of the Himalaya are spectacular. But as I reflect on my time here, more than anything, I am filled with admiration for the work these people are doing here and the very obvious and immediate benefits I can see the students enjoying.

    Nico Delfino from Ireland, through Future Sense, UK

    "Although I was excited about going to Nepal I wanted my stay to be an unforgettable one. I wanted to do something meaningful, something that could help me live with and blend with the local culture. So I decided to volunteer for a school and to live in the city of Kathmandu.

    After getting in touch with HCA and CLCR Nepal I was a bit intimidated by what I was getting into. Two months of teaching kids!! What could I possibly give to them? Well, let me tell you, from day one all my doubts were gone!

    Having a solid scientific and IT background I was assigned to HCA's IT and Science classes and managed to pass on to the children and staff my skills and passion for the subjects.

    The commitment to learning from the children was unbelievable, they were never bored and showed me a real drive into learning.

    I was also engaged in HCA’s Student Quality Circle (SQC) Program, a project where each individual is in charge of real life responsibility.

    I enjoyed my stay in HCA to a level that my initial two month plan became five and my planning for a meaningful experience was fulfilled thanks to the wonderful people I met in and outside of the school. This experience truly changed my life and helped me to discover a world very far from the one I was used to dealing with everyday."

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    Helen Underhill a Future Sense, UK Volunteer and professional teacher trainer visited and worked with us during mid 2009.

    "Having decided to use my summer break from full time teaching and education consultancy in the UK to volunteer in Nepal, I feel very lucky to have been placed at Heartland Children Academy in Bafal, Kathmandu.

    Everything about HCA has the students' development at the core: their learning and academic achievements; their ability to function in an ever changing world; their emotional and social wellbeing. For me, I could not have hoped for a more forward thinking or open-minded education establishment to be able to work with. The school leaders are committed to non-corporal punishment, emotional well-being, and promoting excellent standards of behavior and attitude towards staff and students. From discussions with Nepali people outside HCA, I soon became aware that such an ethos is not widespread in Nepali schools... Yet from the moment I stepped inside the gates, I knew HCA's policy of developing and supporting the whole child for a long-term future really was at the core and that this ethos was followed by everyone!

    As a volunteer, my stay was short but, due to the willingness and determination of the staff, I was able to pass the knowledge of current teaching and learning methods and issues. Staff attended training every day after school and the school leaders saw an opportunity for a real impact on the every day experience of the students in the classroom. At HCA, there are over 230 wonderful, engaging, polite and charismatic students... but they would possibly be considerably less so without the determination of the school leaders and vision of a future for every HCA child (and their family, if needed) that they can achieve their potential, not to mention a teaching staff with integrity and commitment. It was a privilege to be able to work with the staff and I feel sure that the constant desire to improve all aspects of the school and the students' experience of learning will see HCA go from strength to strength... I look forward to being able to continue to be some part of the HCA story..."

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    Anna and Mark Taylor from Future Sense, UK

    "We spent an enjoyable month living and working at Heartland Children's Academy in May 2009. The school had a very positive and forward looking attitude to teaching and students which was great to be part of. We could see the start of integration between existing Nepalese teaching methods and those from Australia and England to increase the children's experiences and levels of achievement.

    The children were well behaved, enthusiastic and were a joy to work with. All the teachers were welcoming to our ideas and interests as was the support staffs in the school and hostel.

    Our experience, whilst not only being positive for the school, gave us a special insight to the lives of the children and adults we met. We have brought back many fond memories to our home in England and feel it has enhanced our own lives."

    Ilka Schroder from Hamburg, Germany

    "Volunteering is an amazing way to get to know a country and its people and I was welcomed extremely warmly at Heartland Children Academy. Nepali people have a great sense of humor and thus working with the students and the teachers was always a lot of fun. Everyone was so grateful for any new ideas or thoughts. The cultural exchange was very intense and it is a great feeling to become part of a community in a foreign country. It was clearly one of the best things I have ever done."
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    The Heartland Academy (HA) is located in Bafal, Kathmandu-13, Nepal

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    We are always looking for volunteers to visit us (like the ones featured in the pictures above) - and we now have a permanent volunteer facility set up to accommodate both short and long term Heartland Volunteers. Contact us for more details about our volunteer programs.
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