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    Volun-tourism - combining culture and education of the
    underprivileged all in a day

    We have found that many people who come to Nepal to trek or to do business often, if given the opportunity, would love to do some volunteer work or get involved in giving their time and skills to supporting a social venture and the underprivileged children of Nepal. However, many people lack an initial contact or an opening to volunteering.

    Thus, in an effort to provide this opportunity and promote the cultural sites of Nepal we have partnered with the Park Village Resort and Spa/ KGH Chain of Hotels - who we already have an existing Community Partnership relationship with - to offer to all visitors to Nepal (but particularly guests of KGH's hotels) the Social Venture Tours (SVT) Programme.

    This is a one day programme - with the opportunity to extend this period for interested individuals or groups - in which we provide the transport, the venues and a traditional Nepali lunch put on by Park Village. The tour encompasses a visit to the legendary Buddhist Swoyanbunath Monkey Temple and then a trip to our school, Heartland, for volunteer work within whatever field your interested in.

    This programme is an initiative coordinately set up by both CLCR and KGH to support the underprivileged children of Nepal. For more information about this programme you can contact CLCR or KGH Park Village.
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