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    Learning Resource Creation Project

    Teaching and Learning Resources Creation Initiative

    This initiative has been born out of CLCR working within educational institutions throughout Nepal and discovering a severe lack of teaching and learning resources in Nepali schools of all levels.

    We have found it very difficult to locally source a range of quality learning resources for our own school project The Heartland Academy (HA),so often as an organisation we've had to bring in appropriate resources from overseas.

    Thus, in collaboration with the Heartland staff have begun to create our own Nepali-made teaching and learning resources, such as numeracy and literacy based flash cards, and posters illustrating animals and mathematical shapes (just to start with). The emphasis is predominately on these resources being in local Nepali language as well as English.

    The initial aim is to create relevant teaching and learning resources to be constantly used within Heartland teaching practice and eventually distributed throughout schools in Nepal. However, the overall objective is to improve the level of teaching and learning opportunities for Nepali teachers and students of all ages, castes and education levels.

    Outlined below are just a few pictures of the resources being created and utilised within Heartland's teaching practices by our teachers as well as our own Teaching and Learning Resource room at Heartland. With many Nepali schools lacking a focus on the provision of relevant teaching and learning resources for their teachers and students, Heartland is a stand out in Nepal for initiating this teaching practice approach!

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