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    In today's world of operating a not-for-profit organisation, we have found that there is an over saturation when it comes to asking for donations. Our donors and supporters want to feel that they have given their hard earned money to something that will have long term, life changing benefit. Thus we have formulated the Adopt-a-Project set of initiatives in which we have targeted a range of high need tangible items that reflect our approach as an organisation for aid and educational development in Nepal. Our focus fields:

    Below we have listed a number of items, at a variety of costs, that we need within our school project. We hope that any donors, whether they be individuals, offices, school P and Cs or organisations, can put their finances (big or small) towards these fundamental projects and know they are changing lives and futures.
    So come on, have a read of these package options below and adopt one of these projects - it really can change a Nepali child's future forever. All donations are tax deductible, so it's that much more of an incentive.

    CLCR Package projects available for adoption in 2010

    Field 1 Education of Nepali Children


      $60-Heartland Student Stationery Package including (exercise books, colored pencils, art paper, paint brushes, water color paints, rulers, Mathematics kit, biro pens, and crayons


      $100 - Heartland Sports Gear Package (2 soccer balls, 2 Cricket Bats, 10 tennis balls, 1 volleyball, 4 badminton racquets, 5 badminton shuttle cocks, 1 basketball) ~a great support initiative for a local sporting club or sports store for our kids

      $100 - Heartland Library Support Package (purchase of a range of fiction and Non-fiction Nepali bilingual and English books) ~a perfect way to support for a fellow teacher or a school that understands the benefit of books to a child's education

      $200 - Heartland Musical instrument package (2 guitars, 6 hand drum sets, 2 xylophones, 5 symbols, 25 clapping sticks, 20 recorders) ~give the gift of music to a Nepali child

      $250 - Renovate a Room: Renovate one of Heartland current or to be built new class rooms. Your sponsorship will supply paint, floor mats, shelving, a whiteboard, a variety of learning aides such as puzzles, flip cards, text books, posters, pens and pencils for a whole class.

      $450 - Heartland Technology Package (1 Lap/ Desk top computer for our school's Computer lab) ~help us build our students skills in IT

      $450/ year - A Heartland Student education through our Scholarship and Family Assistance FAP Program (long term expectation for this one) ~a great way for an Australian family to help support a Nepali one

      $6,000 - Heartland school Class room building construction (this includes building, constructing and equipping one of 6 new class rooms for our growing student population and our new Teacher Training Centre). This will hold over 25 kids per class room and help us train over 100 teachers per year in non violent and conflict resolution teaching techniques.

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    Field 2 Teacher Training

      $80 - Non-Violence Teacher training Workshop; (The training course is based upon sponsoring a teacher to attend a Conflict Resolution training course run by CLCR) ~Ideal for fellow teachers or schools to take on as a gift

      $80 - Purchase two whiteboards to help us create a more learning conducive environment for our teacher training sessions

      $100 - Sponsor the writing, development and publication of 20 teacher training manuals to be used within our in school Quality Teaching and Planning workshops

      $200 - Purchase five table and chair furniture sets to be used within our to be built Heartland Teachers Training facility (the furniture will be organised in a horse shoe shape within the sessions so everyone gets a front row seat!)

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    Field 3 Heartland Nepali Parental and Community Education

      $60 - Sponsor a Heartland parent or member of our local community for participation in CLCRs/ Heartland parental education program. The course currently focuses upon literacy and numeracy and will look to extend to parenting support, child nutrition and gardening skill development

      $80 - Heartland Parent Resources Package: Provision of a take home training manual and Stationary based resources to help the Heartland parents participate in our vocational training programs

      $100 - Vocational Skills Development Package: The training course is aimed at developing vocational skills to help parents employ themselves in a field of interest and better support their families. Jointly supported by CLCR and the Rotary club of BudhanilkanthaNepal.

    To adopt and sponsor a project listed or to make further enquires about any of the above you can contact us, alternatively you can contact our 'Adopt a Project' Co-ordinator and CLCR Secretary Chris Price on the following details:

    Email Address: chris@forchildrights.com

    Australian Mobile: 0402 484 655

    If you would like to make a direct adoption payment head straight to the red 'Make a Donation' button on the upper left hand side of this page, and state which project you would like to adopt in the optional 'Special Message' section of the form. Thank you!

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