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  • CLCR upcoming fundraising dinner event. Come along and celebrate Dashain with us and hear about the fantastic achievements and support we have been able to provide our community since the devastating earthquakes in April of 2015. See our invite below

    Post the earthquakes we have shifted our support into overdrive, targeting the most dire situations amongst our community as well as supporting directly our school community of parents, students and teachers with safe shelter, food and meals, water, electricity, trauma counseling and uniquely designed student support packages designed to get students back to school after many had lost everything in the disaster. A quick snap of photos of this progress below

    CLCR’s school project “Heartland” via its partnership with the LBW Trust and the Batting for Change (BFC) movement was visited in April 2015 by Australian cricketers Ryan Carters (an Ambassador for the LBW Trust and founder of BFC) and former Australian opener Mathew Elliot. This was an experience our school community will never forget and the clip below demonstrates the impact and the great work CLCR, the LBW Trust and BFC are doing to support Nepal’s underprivileged via this partnership.

    Chetana Lokshum, Adolescent Psychologist and co-founder of the TRT Trust Fund, Nepal, works with Heartland students, teachers and parental community

    As part of Heartland's commitment to our students holistic life skill and academic development, we are again working with renowned Nepali psychologist and adolescent development expert Chetana Lokshum. Chetana's workshops not only work with our students and teachers but our parental community also.

    Chetana's adolescent programme, Young Adult Strengthening Programme (Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills) primarily supports the adolescents' own understanding and capacity for resilience and support by utilising coping strategies in times of stress. Leadership and community responsibility are also focal points. At the end of the training, five projects will be created: Peace Promoters; Road Safety and Security; Environment Preservation; Social Service (helping senior citizens, disabled, etc); and Peer Support. Monthly meetings will take place to discuss the progress of the projects, as well as visits to organisations in the community that work within these fields. The teacher training worked on building our teachers capacity around supporting students with diverse learning needs and developing leadership skills within.

    Here are some pictures of Chetana working with our current year 8 students during February 2012, and more recently in July of 2014 with our teachers and parental community.

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    Mr Karan Goyala's visit to Australia

    Recently (October, 2011), CLCR was very excited to welcome Mr Karan Goyala, principal of the Heartland School (HCA), to Australia for the first time. Karan's trip was the beginning of a new project within our teacher training initiative, one where our Nepalese teachers can experience first hand the varying methods of education in Australia, and see in practice what we are hoping to reproduce in Nepal. We believe this to be immensely important, as to read and hear about variances in educational methodologies is all well and good, but nothing beats the visual and tactile firsthand experience.

    Whilst here, Karan attended and presented at the Australasian Assocation for Progressive and Alternative Education's (AAPAE) 2011 Conference on 'Relevance, Renewal, Reality, Relationships'. Karan also visited a number of schools, including: Currambena Primary and Preschool; Kinma Primary, Preschool and Playgroup; Ravenswood School for Girls; Chatswood High School; St Ignatius' College, Riverview; and Emanuel School. Many days were spent at Currambena, where democratic education is the primary educational philosophy.

    Another important aspect of Karan's visit was his ability to discuss in depth the development of the HCA's Plus 2 Programme (years 11 and 12 equivalency in Nepal) with the entire Australian CLCR Committee and supporters. Karan's enthusiasm and determination to follow this course is inspiring, and one in which we need to work hard to bring to fruition. Overall, Karan's visit was beneficial for all involved, and we look forward to the growth of this teacher training initiative!

    Karan taking in the
    sights in Sydney
    Helping out in the stall to raise awareness
    and money for HCA
    Karan at the Australian Association
    for Progressive and Alternative
    Education Conference 2011
    Morning chat over coffee
    Karan meeting one of our supporters
    And another
    And just a couple more
    Enjoying a sight not often seen in Nepal!

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