• Development Initiatives

    CLCR operates four high impact educational development projects in Nepal. These initiatives empower the communities and individuals we work with and provide greater opportunity for underprivileged children by providing a quality education and violence-free learning environments.

    Heartland Academy (HA)

    Heartland's Higher Education Sector

    CLCR’s programs of influence

    Social Ventures Tours

    The Learning Resource Creation Project

    Have a closer look at the work we are doing in Nepal, creating a positive difference, changing perceptions of education of not only our current students but the wider community of Nepal.

    Mission Statement

    To provide quality, child-centred, violence-free educational opportunities to as many Nepali children as possible, regardless of age, gender, religion or caste.

    Key strategy to achieve this goal:

    Develop the Heartland Academy (HA), Nepal, into a model school, where child-centred education approaches result in students achieving excellent academic results .

    It is our aim to influence educational methods throughout Nepal, so as many Nepali teachers as possible will experience and understand that there are progressive teaching practices, and student management methods, that are available and easy to implement. This will involve the implementation of teacher-training programmes and forums, the creation of Nepali educational resources, and the provision of schooling opportunities to university level for all students regardless of their social background.

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