• The HCA School Project Activities

    These are just a few of our school activities and programmes we offer and implement within the school in an effort to create an even better, life-relevant learning environment for our kids (now and in the future).

    •Library Lessons and Reading Extension Programme (REP)
    •Democratic Friday and Free Choice Initiatives (DCF)
    •HCAíS Agricultural Development Programme (HAP)
    •Student Quality Circle (SQC) and Student Representative Council (SRC)

    We base the majority of our programmes on the four principles of Leadership, Vocation, Academia and Life Relevance. We feel that providing programmes and opportunities that target these fundamental concepts, we are well on the way to holistically developing our students and providing them with the skills and support to help them reach their potential and live a happy meaningful life.

    Library Lessons and Reading Extension Programme (REP)

    In Nepal the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language is a life skill. The tourism industry is rapidly growing and fast taking over as the number one employment sector for young Nepalis, thus the ability to speak and understand English is crucial. With this in mind, and with our recent library renovations, we have commenced the two programmes - Library Lessons and REP - with the focus being English language development and literacy support. Our library lessons take place throughout the week for each HCA class, and gives the kids the opportunity to practice as well as encourage their interest in reading. We document their individual reading progress in an effort to focus on areas for further development. The REP is an extension programme of our library lessons which is held after school throughout the week to provide specific support to our kids who actively wish to learn more, or who we have targeted as needing extra support for reading and English language development.

    Below are a few pictures of our students during library lessons and the REP. Our library is always open to the kids before, during and after school and the kids also have the opportunity to borrow books for home reading.

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    Democratic Friday and Free Choice Initiatives (DCF)

    We started our DCF Programme to further engage students in activities that they have a natural interest in, which is based upon an ongoing process of student interest evaluation. On Friday afternoons, we offer up the school facilities to the kids and focus activities on what they have requested to learn more about. Thus, our DCF initiative helps us create an environment that promotes free choice in education, enjoyment through natural learning and in a very small way helps further develop skills and knowledge in certain areas of our studentís life that they are interested in.

    Here are a few pictures of our kids participating in science, sports and arts/ craft activities during one our DCF afternoons.

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    HCAís Agricultural Development Programme (HAP)

    This programme develops the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to create, grow and sustain a vegetable garden (or kitchen garden as it is referred to in Nepal) within all our students. We feel that these skills are of significant relevance to the Nepali life as often agriculture plays a huge part in potential employment. But even more basically, it enables them with the skills to grow and provide fresh food to themselves and their family in the home. Anything that we grow in the way of vegetables we either use within our own hostel or give to our students.

    The programme is implemented within every HCA class throughout the year and covers many relevant topics, such as preparing soil for planting, watering your crop, when to harvest, the use of fertilisers, the benefits of composting, plus many more.

    Below are a few snapshots of our HCA students participating within our HAP.

    Our second major focus with respect to life-relevant programmes is Information Technology (IT) skills for the office and home. We have recently developed our Computer Lab and Online Learning Programme, and are moving toward incorporating computer lessons for every child.
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    Student Quality Circle (SQC) and Student Representative Council (SRC)

    These important programmes are aimed at developing leadership skills and qualities within our HCA students, in an effort to create and engender future leaders of Nepal with alternative approaches of viewing and reacting to todayís relevant issues. Both programmes are teacher facilitated but are run solely by the students; developed and coordinated by two student councils made up of a range of different aged HCA students. They collaborate together to run education programmes and activities based upon providing support and enjoyment to our kids and the surrounding community. For example, their joint focus is currently environmental care, personal hygiene knowledge development, and appropriate rubbish disposal.

    Below are a few pictures of some of our kids who are the schools leaders within these programmes.

    If you would like to learn more about any of these programmes then please contact us.

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