• How can you help?

    We greatly appreciate any type of support that you can give, either as an individual, group or organisation. Also, any money donated in Australia and the USA is tax-deductible!

    We are a community-based not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers (so more then 98% of money donated will go directly to the school and it's students), and all our donations come from generous individuals and members who have joined us in helping to implement life-changing projects. Even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference to someone's life and the opportunities they may experience through a better education and living conditions.

    There are a number of ways that you can become involved:

    School Support Scheme

    We offer a range of tax-deductible donation and support packages to suit your individual level of financial involvement. For example, you can donate or become involveded as individual, family, youth or organisation (see our Circle of Child's Rights Protectors below).

    Our annual child support scheme categories are:

    Adult AUD$40.00 per year
    Youth (under 18 years) AUD$20.00 per year
    Family of 4 or more AUD$100.00 per year

    The benefits to annually donating include:

    * regular quarterly school updates and progress reports via our CLCR newsletter

    * invitations to our fun (and generally very tasty) fundraising dinners and events

    * invitation to attend CLCR's annual general meeting.

    If you are interested in finding out more about our organisation or support schemes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    If you would like to become a member now, please fill in the membership form and email it back to us (or if you'd rather print and post, please download the pdf file). You can pay by direct deposit or by credit card via the Westpac-secure Our Community website (and please state 'membership' in the 'Special Message' section of the form).
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    Child/Student Sponsorships

    Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and many of its children are often reduced to begging and living on the streets for means of survival. In the majority of cases these children don't have access to a schooling facility, nor could they afford to attend on a regular basis if they did.

    CLCR looks to provide these children, and other marginalised groups within Nepal, with a scholarship education including on-site hostel accommodation through its school project, the Heartland School (HA).

    As little as $1.25 AUD per day is all it takes to educate and house a child at Heartland and change a life.

    CLCR is currently working with children's homes in Kathmandu and communities across broader Nepal in an effort to source children from all over the country for Heartland scholarships. We also have plans to expand and renovate the Heartland hostel to provide more scholarship packages. Here are some students who we have just taken on and need your support:

    Diya has just joined us here at Heartland in the LKG, her parents have recently moved to Kathmandu in the hope of better educational and opportunities for Diya and themselves as a family. Here is a picture of Diya (middle standing) on her first day at Heartland

    This is Dipika from the region of Dhading, she has just joined us here at Heartland in year: 2, her mother has just moved herself and Dipika to Kathmandu in the hope of better education and opportunities for them both as a family. Dipika’s father went abroad four years ago and since that time has not returned to Nepal nor been in contact. Dipika’s mother is illiterate and has no permanent source of income or shelter. Your support via scholarship could turn this family’s fortunes around. Here is a picture of Dipika on her first day at Heartland:

    It's as easy as AUD$37.5 a month to completely change the life of another, to enable them to have a future where they can earn a living and give back to their society, rather than be dependent on the whims of others. As of December 2014, there are approximately 120 students receiving scholarships at Heartland, but there many more children who could benefit from your sponsorship.

    Pradip has just joined us here at Heartland in year two, his parents have recently moved to Kathmandu in the hope of better educational and opportunities for Pradip and themselves as a family. Here is a picture of Pradip on his first day at Heartland:

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    The Family Assistance Programme

    The Family Assistance Programme (FAP) has been developed in response to issues encountered whilst running the individual scholarship programme. We discovered that many families within the communities in which we work can not afford to send all their children to school. Thus, a family with little money will save for years to educate one or two of their kids - whilst the others miss out. Not surprisingly these children are often girls. CLCR believes strongly that the equal education of girls leads to far-reaching positive change. Therefore we have taken a holistic family-orientated approach in providing what we call the Family Assistance Programme (FAP).

    Understandably, when considering Nepal's economic situation, we see cases like this every day. To support underprivileged families in this situation (through the work of our CLCR/ HA Scholarship Outreach Team) we look to provide opportunities for children/ families like this to attend HA on a scholarship basis. To become involved in this programme costs AUD$35 per month - a very small price to pay to ensure that every child has the opportunity to become an independent asset to their family and community.

    Below is a photo of a Nepali family involved with the FAP at the HA (left) and other HA students that have benefited from scholarship support.

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    Circle of Child Sponsors - Class Scholarship Scheme (CSS)

    This CLCR scheme is an expansion of our very successful student and family-based scholarship programmes (FAP) currently running within Heartland. By becoming an integral part of this initiative, your support will be aligned to a whole class of HA students. For example, a single scholarship at HA supports the development of one student, whereas the CCS membership is designated to a whole year group of up to 25 students. Your funds will be directed to support the creation of a better learning environment for the class as a whole, which will include the purchasing of new resources such as individualised class room furniture, stationary, recreational materials, and excursion and educational programme participation.

    Not only will your support help sustain these activities and further development but will ensure the long term engagement and educational opportunities for the entire HA class.

    This is your opportunity to positively impact the lives of up 25 students on a daily basis and forever through the enhancement of their educational opportunities at HA. So go on, join us here with this activity - all donations to this HA student support scheme are tax deductible!

    This support initiative is an annual tax deductible payment of AUD$5,000. In taking on this student support plan we will send you 4 class letters written to you from the students per year, as well as quarterly reports on class and student progress (and photos of course!).

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    You, your family or your organisation can join or donate via the use of electronic banking (details below), sending a cheque to the association's address, in person with cash or by credit card through the Westpac secure Our Community website.

    Please feel free to call Pat Price, the founder and president of CLCR (on 0402 486 829 or email ceo@forchildrights.com) to discuss how you or your organisation can become a Child Right's Protector.

    Electronic banking details:

    Account Name: The Centre for Learning and Children's Rights Inc
    Commonwealth Bank, Lane Cove
    BSB: 062192  Account details: 10233220

    All donations over $2 made in Australia and the USA to our approved aid and development project (J537) CLCR’s HA Nepali School Project are tax deductible. Receipts will be issued by Global Development Group and forwarded onto donors via CLCR.

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