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    Welcome to CLCR Nepalís Information page

    In 2009 CLCR Nepal was established as a registered not-for-profit, non-government organisation and an extension of CLCR Australia and its Nepali activities.

    By having a local office and empowering our team on the ground we have the capacity to expand our actions and take on more project activities in an effort to further benefit the population sectors we aim to support.

    Our CLCR Nepal team is made up of passionate Nepalese from a variety of backgrounds that work for the betterment of Nepali children, increasing education opportunities for all in an effort to create a violence-free education sector for Nepal.

    Our Activities

    This team's priority is to coordinate and manage: Heartland in its short and long term activities; our vocational and teacher training programs; our local in country Community Partnerships; and look to extend CLCR's activities to other areas of the country where quality education is desperately needed. CLCR Nepal operates as the board of Trustee members for our nepali Educational Trust: ĎThe Karuna Trustí. The Karuna Trust was developed in 2014 and successfully transitioned Heartland as a school into this body.

    Contacting us at CLCR Nepal

    If you would like more information about CLCR Nepalís activities or to make contact with our CLCR Nepal team, our Presidents details are below:

    CLCR Nepalís President and Legal Advocate

    MR Man Bahadur Ale

    Email Address: clcr-president@forchildrights.com
    Nepali Mobile and office contact: 977-1-98510 04432

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