• People of CLCR

    Patrick Price: CEO and Founder of CLCR Australia
    Patrick has worked extensively as a teacher in the Private and Government Australian education system teaching Physical Education, Health & Learning Support to both Primary and Secondary school sectors. Since 2004 he has represented Australian interests at the International Democratic Education conferences in Asia, the America’s and Nepal, and been involved in implementing aid and educational development programs to help provide opportunity for underprivileged communities in these regions.

    In 2007, he travelled to Nepal to coordinate the implementation of CLCR’s latest educational initiative, The Heartland Academy (HA) School project. As a result, Patrick has extensive experience managing and implementing development projects in Nepal and is a current Director of the Heartland School project and sits on the Karuna Trust’s educational board of governance for Heartland.

    Chris Price: Secretary of CLCR Australia
    Chris has worked as a pre-school teacher with Currambena Primary School for the last 18 years and has an extensive history working for alternative education organisations within Australia and internationally.

    She brings a wealth of experience and skills to our organisation through her previous work with Nepalese and Bhutanese refugees and school teachers, teaching conflict resolution, language development and pioneering education facilities within the communities of Nepal.

    She currently resides in Sydney, Australia, and has travelled extensively to Nepal and India to attend International Democratic Education conferences as the Secretary of the Australasian Association of Progressive and Alternative Education.

    Amy Lovesey: CLCR Scholarship Liaison Coordinator (Pictured far left)
    When Amy went to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp, Liz Thornton (from the CLCR committee) suggested she visit the Heartland Academy in Kathmandu. After a tour of the classrooms, Amy felt inspired by both the progress and the plans for the future of the school and joined the Committee. Amy certainly loved the annual fundraising concept of the Nepalese dinner, after developing a taste for vegetable momo’s whilst in Nepal! Amy will apply her experience and training in project management, risk management and stakeholder liaison as a volunteer on the Committee. In particular, Amy is responsible for providing donors with updates about the students they are supporting and sponsoring at Heartland.
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    Elizabeth Thornton: CLCR Australia Committee Member

    Liz recently joined the CLCR committee, motivated by the success CLCR has had to date in bringing about change to the lives of children in Kathmandu. An environmental scientist in Sydney, Liz is passionate about working towards a more sustainable future. From her time working in consultancy, Liz brings useful experience in preparation of marketing materials and tendering for funding.

    Karan Singh Goyala: HCA's Principal

    Karan is our Heartland School Principal and also serves on CLCR Nepal’s Executive Committee managing Heartland on a daily basis as Secretary. As a leader in the educational filed he has guided Heartland to significant developments throughout is Principalship and now sits on the board of directors for the Karuna Trust in governance of Heartland.

    He is formally qualified as a Nepali language teacher and like all CLCR team members, deeply contributes to the positive development of our educational projects. Karan also coordinates our volunteer teachers and volunteer facilities at Heartland and is our current Heartland Hostel Manager.

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    Ramprasad Poudel: Vice President of the HCA's Executive Board.

    Ramprasad has worked extensively with CLCR and the orphanage project for over 14 years. He formerly taught English for over ten years within Nepali government and private schools and currently sits as Vice President of CLCR, Nepal and a representative within the school projects Executive Coordination board. He is a highly valued member of the CLCR team and also helps facilitate and administrate the school’s library facility.

    Man Bahadur Ale: President of CLCR Nepal

    Man is our legal consultant and representative for CLCR activities in Nepal. He has extensive knowledge regarding the management of educational projects from a legal perspective and is currently practicing as an attorney within the Supreme Courts of Nepal, specialising in company and corporate law.

    Man is a crucial part of the Heartland school and CLCR Nepal team as he guides CLCR Australia from a legal perspective for all investments made within its projects in Nepal as CLCR Nepal’s President and board member for the Karuna Trust in governance of Heartland.

    Subarna Lal Shrestha: CLCR Nepal Committee Member

    Subarna is a recent addition to the CLCR Nepal team. He is also a member of the local Bafal Community Committee, a university level lecturer, former government consultant and engineer.

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